Nobake Molding & Coremaking 101

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the important safety measures and operating practices to use while making nobake molds and cores.
  • Recognize the various types of raw materials and equipment used in the mold and coremaking process.
  • Prepare nobake molds and cores that meet quality specifications.
  • Examine molds and cores for defects and determine the appropriate corrective action.

Course Introduction

This course provides participants with a basic foundation of the nobake molding and coremaking process used within a foundry and is designed for those with little or no prior experience in making nobake molds. Discussion will include basic terminology, common chemical binders used, the mold and coremaking process, equipment, and mold defect analysis. 

Benefits to Taking the Course

Participants will receive hands-on practice, walk through the decision-making process in evaluating casting deficiencies and leave with a customized troubleshooting list for use back on the job.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Making a Quality Nobake Mold, Part 1

  • Safety Equipment and Binder System Safety
  • Make Your Own Mold
  • Group Comparisons

Module 3: Metalcasting Principles and Terminology

  • Setting the Scene
  • The Parts of a Mold
  • Patterns
  • Molding Equipment and Maintenance
  • Sand Reclamation

Module 4: Sand and Binder Systems

  • Sand and Sand Types
  • Binder Systems
  • Calibrating Sand and Chemicals
  • Variables Affecting Performance
  • How Sand and Binders Work Together

Module 5: Making a Quality Nobake Mold, Part 2

  • Make Your Own Mold
  • Group Comparisons

Module 6: Quality Control and Communication with Management

  • Quality Control
  • Communication with Management

Module 7: Conclusion


What our students are saying........

"Excellent teachers with great depth and knowledge. "
"This course was extremely helpful and I hope to partake in others." 
"Very well done class."