MCTV Videos

  • Pouring a Crankcase in a 3-D Mold

    The crankcase being poured in this video is featured in the April 2016 issue of Modern Casting magazine.

  • Customer Success Story (Sponsored Video From General Kinematics)

    From General Kinematics: A customer shares its story.

  • Webinar: Integrating 3D Sand Printing Technologies Into Traditional Foundry Tooling Processes

    The advent of 3-D sand printing is a “game changer” in the metalcasting industry and will alter the way in which metalcasters address their tooling and casting needs in the future. No longer an “emerging technology,” 3-D sand printing must be seriously considered as a valuable tool in the development of engineered cast components. 

    This sponsored webinar from Craft Pattern and Mold focuses on when, and how, to incorporate 3-D sand printing technologies with traditional tooling methods to deliver cost effective, innovative solutions to today’s engineered metal casting challenges.

  • Saguenay Foundry's Pattern for Success

    Saguenay Foundry’s innovative and envelope-pushing philosophy has led to a thriving business with a clear path into the company’s next phase.

  • Webinar: Introduction to 3D Sand Printing for the Metalcasting Industry

    This sponsored webinar from Hoosier Pattern covers the basics of additive manufacturing as well as explains the technology used to create molds and cores with a 3D printer. Led by Dave Rittmeyer and Steve Murray, both of Hoosier Pattern, the webinar gives full access to two industry veterans who have worked in metalcasting for a combined 50 years. The webinar covers the basics and explores how to utilize 3D printed sand components on your next project.

  • Sponsored Video: New Resin-Coated Sand From Fairmount

    This sponsored video from Fairmount Santrol covers resin-coated shell sand. It’s a new, safer shell and core casting system that dramatically lowers in-plant smoke, odor and emissions while delivering superior performance. 

  • Lodge's Recipe for Growth

    With sales doubling in the last six years, Lodge Manufacturing Co. is rising to the challenge of fulfilling customer cravings for cast iron cookware. Read more in the December 2015 issue of MODERN CASTING.

  • Talladega Pattern's Plunge Into Automation

    A small green sand nonferrous job shop answered the pull of customer demand with its first automatic molding line and sand system. 

  • Brillion Iron Works' Rejuvenation

    Once bankrupt, Brillion Iron Works is now a lean, profitable iron casting facility, thanks to the “Fix and Grow” strategy of parent company Accuride Corp.

  • 3D Printing at Ford

    From Ford: See how additive manufacturing(3D printing) is used at Ford Motor Co.

  • 3-D Sand Printing

    From Hoosier Pattern: The pattern shop's additive manufacturing system selectively dispenses foundry-grade resin into thin layers of specially engineered sand. The process produces accurate, uniform cores and molds rapidly, significantly reducing lead time.

  • The Olivine Replacement Project

    Vic LaFay, research and technical development manager for S&B Industrial Minerals, Cincinnati, outlines three major alternatives to olivine sand for nonferrous sand casters in this video.

  • The Next Generation Thermal Distortion Tester

    Researchers at Western Michigan University have developed an improved thermal distortion test for nobake molds.

  • Science Achievers Meet Metalcasting

    From Colin Parsons on vimeo: Students from a program through the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago work with the AFS Foundry in a Box kit.

  • Saguenay Foundry on Business Day with Terry Bradshaw

    From Saguenay Foundry: The metalcasting facility and its Nopatech® process were showcased on Business Day with Terry Bradshaw.

  • Process Knowledge

    Failed castings, whether occurring as internal or external scrap or rework, become a significant operating cost that could be reduced by controlling the variables critical to specific parts. Dr. Hathibelagal Roshan, Maynard Steel Casting Co., discusses how to acquire process knowledge to reduce costs in this video.

    For more on the subject, read Roshan's article in Modern Casting.

  • Precision Sand Casting

    From General Foundry Service, San Leandro, Calif., this video illustrates its precision sand casting process.

  • Pittsburg State's 12th ICI Certification Course

    From Pittsburg State University: The 30 participants in the 12th annual Investment Casting Institute's industry certification course at Pittsburg State came from all over the U.S. and countries such as New Zealand, Belgium, Turkey and Mexico in June 2012. Read the rest of the story at www.pittstate.edu/news/casting-institute-draws-from-around-the-world.

  • O'Fallon's Casting of the Year

    The elegant investment cast electronics housing incorporates dozens of as-cast features and serves as a stunning example of what is possible in design.

  • Linear Mold Handling at Buck Co.

    From Hunter Foundry Machinery, the linear mold handling line in operation at Buck Company in Pennsylvania.

  • Hunter HLM10

    Sponsored video from Hunter Foundry Machinery: the New HLM-10 Linear Motion Machine, the first of Hunter's new product line.

  • Diecasting

    SME produced this short overview of the diecasting process as part of the organization's Fundamental Manufacturing Processes video series.

  • Coldbox Coremaking at Waupaca

    From Waupaca Foundry: This video shows the coldbox coremaking process in detail that is used at Waupaca Foundry's iron casting facilities.

  • Automatic Sand Molding at Bremen Castings

    From Bremen Castings Inc., Bremen, Ind., this video shows a cored job running on a Hunter match plate 20x24 at its green sand molding facility.

  • Automated Molding at General Foundry

    From General Foundry Service, San Leandro, Calif., this video shows its automated sand molding process using a Hunter molding machine.

  • An Alternative Method to the Methylene Blue Clay Test

    Researchers at Western Michigan University developed a new test to measure active clay content in green sand using spectrophotometry.

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