Introduction to Metalcasting

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Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the metalcasting industry by defining the term metalcasting, listing at least five end-use markets and listing at least two challenges facing the industry.
  • Summarize the overall process of how a casting is made from part design through delivery to the customer.
  • Describe the quality assurance methods and measures used to ensure castings meet customer specifications.
  • Explain the importance of safety in the metalcasting industry.

Course Introduction

This course introduces the process of metalcasting. It provides a broad picture of what happens in a casting facility, while illustrating the technology, variables and complexity involved in producing a casting. It covers casting design, alloy selection, process selection, design of the gating system, pouring and shakeout methods, cleaning and finishing methods, quality assurance, and safety and environmental regulations.

Benefits to Taking the Course:

Attendees will leave the course understanding the basic process of making a casting and key decisions to be made in metalcasting facilities.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Introduction to the Metalcasting Industry

Module 3: The Making of a Casting

  • The Casting is Designed
  • The Alloy is Selected
  • The Casting Process is Selected
  • The Gating System is Designed
  • The Casting is Made
  • The Casting is Removed, Cleaned, and Finished

Module 4: Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance Tests
  • Casting Defects

Module 5: Regulations

  • Environmental Regulations and Concerns
  • Safety Regulations and Concerns

Module 6: Putting it All Together


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