Casting Supplier Auditing

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify major factors affecting casting supplier auditing, including management, sales, training, production, maintenance, quality checks and shipping.
  • Perform audits within the metalcasting industry, showing aptitude of processes in both the office and shop floor areas of a casting supplier.

Course Introduction

Held at a metalcasting facility, this course will review methods supply chain personnel utilize to effectively perform audits of metalcasting facilities. Topics covered will include determining audit requirements, developing and preparing to perform an audit, and closing the audit loop. Participants will spend the better part of the second day auditing several different areas of the foundry as part of this interactive and hands-on course.

This course is only open to employees from companies who design and/or purchase metal castings, and class size is limited to 20 participants.

Benefits to Taking the Course

Participants will leave with increased knowledge of metalcasting terminology, and more importantly, will be able to develop and conduct effective audits tailored for their casting supplier.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Overview of the Audit Process

Module 3: Understanding the Process Approach

  • Determining the Process Model
  • How to Identify and Document Material
  • Audit Methodology

Module 4: Determining Audit Requirements

  • OEM Requirements Merged into the Audit Program
  • ISO 9001 Requirements

Module 5: Case Study

Module 6: Developing and Preparing the Perform the Audit

  • Review Audit Plans and Checklists
  • Discussion of Metalcasting Industry's Uniqueness
  • Audit Process Expectations

Module 7: Review Audit Plan 

Module 8: Mock Audit

Module 9: Closing the Audit Loop

  • Report of Audit Findings
  • How to Close Out the Audit Loop




What our students are saying......

"It was the first AFS class I have taken that included a networking event; those are great for our industry."
"Well thought out course. It generated a lot of good/valuable conversation."
"Great job! Great class."