Casting Material Properties

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and describe a variety of production characteristics that can influence the mechanical properties of a casting.
  • Identify various tests to determine a casting’s material characteristics.
  • Identify the impact the distribution of mechanical properties was on the function of the casting in service.

Course Introduction

This course provides an in-depth discussion on expected performance of a casting.  The production process influences the resulting mechanical properties and expected level of quality.  The impacts of irregularities and post casting treatments are discussed along with testing methods for determining properties and existing sources of property information that can be used in the casting’s design.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Production Influence on Casting Properties

  • Cooling Rates and Heat Flow
  • Casting Irregularities that Impact Mechanical Properties
  • Post Casting Treatments

Module 3: Measuring Casting Properties

  • Test Specimen Location
  • Testing Types

Module 4: Impact of Properties on Performance

  • Properties vs. Performance
  • Simulations
  • CADS Case Studies

Module 5: Conclusion


Who Should Attend?

Those who design castings, performing casting FEMA, or performing casting property measurements.